Longarm Quilting Services
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Are You Ready for Longarm Quilting Services?

You've spent days, weeks, maybe even months creating your quilt top.  It looks great and you're proud of your work. But it doesn't have its backing or the signature stitching that make it a 'finished' quilt.  So, now what?

It sounds like you're ready for longarm quilting services.  With your quilt top, we are ready to add the backing, batting, and to complete the look with your choice of decorative stitching. Learn more about our process on our Longarm Quilting Services page.

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Whether you're new to quilting or you are a lifelong quilting enthusiast, our videos feature the Pink Heart Quilting & Embroidery owner, Kit, and offer a little something for everyone.

Have a topic you'd like to see in a video?  Let us know!

T-Shirt Quilts Make Great Gifts

What do you do with t-shirts you or your family don't wear anymore?  We know that many people keep them in the back of their closet or a box in the attic.  All of those memories hidden away when there's a fun and meaningful way to repurpose those t-shirts.  Why not have them made into a t-shirt quilt?  Some of our favorite t-shirt quilts have been for children going off to college for the first time.  Moms and Dads alike provide us with a chronological timeline of their child's first 18 years in the form of t-shirts.  Youth sports teams, favorite bands, funny sayings, grade school and high school names, and so much more.

T-shirt quilts aren't just for kids.  Have a family member with a rock t-shirt collection they don't wear anymore?  Wouldn't they love seeing all of them together as a quilt?

With so many t-shirts in the world, the possibilities are endless.

Quilting How-Tos and Reviews

Want to learn how to make something, or wonder if a quilting book would be a good purchase?  Come on in and let us share our thoughts.

Memory Quilts: Honoring a Loved One

Memory quilts are a lot like T-shirt quilts, however, they are usually created in honor of a loved one's memory.  Memory quilts can also include items other than just t-shirts.  For instance, transferring of a special photograph onto fabric.  Memory quilts can also include baby clothes, and/or parts and pieces of other clothing items.

Some of Our Longarm Quilting Projects