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Custom Embroidery Quilt Labels

We have a passion for documenting the information that inspired the creation of a quilt so that no matter where the quilt travels, the maker, the recipient, and the date is known. Custom embroidered quilt labels document messages that will last for the life of the quilt. Custom quilt labels may include anything that you want to share with the recipient.

Check out the many font and border options for a custom quilt label to provide the finishing touch to your quilt.

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Embroidery Quilt Labels


We will stitch the label on an 11-inch by 11-inch 100% cotton piece of cloth. You may then cut the label to sew into a pieced quilt backing or to stitch to the back of your quilt during the final, binding process. When filling out the order form, specify that you will provide the label's fabric if you prefer to use a coordinating fabric.

We stitch our custom labels using a 15-needle Avance′ embroidery machine. We make our custom quilt labels with stabilizing interfacing on the backside of the fabric to ensure that the stitched lettering is smooth for the quilt's life.

Embroidery Quilt Labels


Choose from six font options. The fonts are a range of block and script fonts to fit the theme of your quilt. We stitch the lettering using black thread unless otherwise specified in the "Special Instructions" portion of the order form.






Brush Script

embroidery quilt labels

Embroidery Quilt Labels

Border Design

Choose from a wide range of border options or specify that you prefer no border surrounding the quilt label.

Embroidery Quilt Labels

Custom Message

Custom embroidered labels include as many as five lines of text, including things such as:

  • The recipient's name
  • The maker's name
  • The creation date of the quilt
  • The location of the creation of the quilt
  • A custom note to the recipient

The options for custom lettering is limited only by your imagination. In addition to the options discussed above, you may choose to eliminate some of that information to allow the inclusion of a short quote.

Please include any special instructions on the order form. The special instructions section of the form specifies your preference to coordinate fabric for the embroidery. We can also accommodate requests for additional lines or alternative fabric sizes to accommodate a pieced backing.

Need Help Deciding?  Kit is happy to help you choose the custom embroidery quilt label details that best fit your project.

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