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A t-shirt quilt is usually made primarily of t-shirts.  Think about the old t-shirts in the back of your closet or the closet of someone in your life.  These shirts bring back memories of the times the shirts were worn.  A t-shirt quilt is a great way to preserve those memories in a beautiful, comforting, and cozy quilt.

The term "memory quilt" is usually used when other items such as miscellaneous clothing, baby clothes, and photographs printed on fabric are included.  A memory quilt is also sometimes made of clothing from a lost loved one to commemorate their lives and comfort family members.  The term "memory quilt" is often used to describe quilts made to preserve memories in someone's life.

Following is information regarding the components of a Memory or T-shirt quilt.

longarm quilt designs
longarm quilt designs

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Components of a T-Shirt Quilt or Memory Quilt

Quilt Top Style Options

  • Collage Style
  • Block Style with Sashing
  • Block Style without Sashing

Quilt Size

  • Crib
  • Throw
  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

Elements to be included in the quilt

  • T-shirts
  • Clothing
  • Clothing Best Suited for Applique
  • Photos to be Scanned on Fabric
  • Machine Embroidery on Fabric

Fabric Choices

  • Sashing
  • Backing
  • Binding

Edge to Edge Design Choices


If you have questions, feel free to contact us via email or phone to discuss specific design you would like created to capture the quilt's desired sentiment or the chosen memories of a loved one.

Allow four weeks for delivery of finished quilt. Once the quilt is completed, we will email you with pictures and arrange shipping / Delivery of the finished Quilt.

T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt

Top Style Options

Collage Style

The collage-style quilt demonstrates the ability to use many different sized T-shirts without the need to cut away any of the designs on each shirt. We can also incorporate cotton fabrics to coordinate with or accent the t-shirts. In the example below, we have also included the applique of baby clothes into the collage quilt. This style is excellent when working with t-shirts with various sized logos. The example also incorporates t-shirt pockets as well as small logos and some exceptionally large designs.

Block Style with Sashing

This style of quilt allows you to choose sashing fabric in any color. In the Harley Davidson example, we have included pictures of the motorcycles as well as embroidered blocks noting the details about each motorcycle.

These images illustrate pictures and embroidery in a t-shirt quilt.

Fabric is required if you choose the Block Style quilt with sashing.  The amount of fabric needed is based on the size of the finished quilt.  We can provide the color of fabric you choose for your project, or you may provide the fabric if you have a favorite fabric to be included.

t-shirt quilt

Block Style without Sashing

A block style quilt without sashing is made of T-shirt blocks cut to the same size throughout the quilt. Those blocks are then pieced together in rows to create the final quilt.

Options - Elements to Be Included in the Quilt

Many elements can be included in a memory or T-shirt quilt.

  • T-shirts – This may include 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend or sports jersey. We will put a backing on your items using lightweight interfacing to stabilize stretchy fabric before piecing them together. Lightweight interfacing allows the quilt to maintain an overall soft feel.
  • Clothing – Cotton clothing items can be cut into quilt blocks and included in the quilt.
  • Clothing best suited for applique – This usually includes items that can't be cut into flat squares for the quilt. Baby items are a good example.
  • Photographs scanned on to cotton fabric – Note that if you include this option, the quilt will require washing in the delicate cycle and line drying to prevent scanned photos from fading over time.
  • Embroidered lettering on fabric cut for inclusion in the final Quilt -  Lettering may consist of a customized note to the recipient with a passage of support, dates of special events, or any other information you wish to include on the quilt.

T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt Size Options

There are six T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt sizes available. The number and size of the items included in the quilt top will determine the size of the quilt.

Quilt Size Approx. Size in Inches
Crib30" x 40"
Throw45" x 65"
Twin70" x 90"
Full84" x 90"
Queen90" x 96"
King98" x 106"

T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt

Fabric Requirements

Backing Fabric

The backing is the fabric you choose in a color that coordinates with the quilt top. In the collage style quilt above, we used a blue grunge cotton fabric to go with the casual feel of the quilt top. The blue grunge fabric is reminiscent of the blue jeans that might have been worn with many of the T-shirts included in the quilt top.

In the case of the Harley Davidson quilt, a very bright print with flames was used on the back to go along with the motorcycle theme.

T-shirt quilt backing fabric

Binding Fabric

The final step includes adding a binding around the entire quilt to finish the edges. The binding will provide a border around the quilt. The selection of binding fabric, color, and print offers creativity and personal style opportunities to be seen in your finished quilt.

Below is a reference document of yardage requirements to consider when completing the order form.

t-shirt quilt binding

T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt

Pantograph Quilting Design

Once the quilt top is complete, we will put the quilt on the longarm machine and stitch a decorative edge to edge pantograph design. The pantograph design will secure the layers of the quilt while adding a bit of decoration. You may choose from a wide selection of pantograph designs.

T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt

Thread Color

The design can be subtle or bold based on your choice of thread color— Superior So Fine Thread, 50 weight, three-ply polyester thread is available.

See the So Fine color choices here to select your color.

You may supply the thread if you prefer a color not available on the So Fine color chart.

We use Pellon 80/20, cotton/polyester batting. This batting will allow you to wash and dry your quilt on a low or medium setting for the life of the quilt.

T-Shirt Quilt / Memory Quilt


We use Pellon 80/20, cotton/polyester batting. This batting will allow you to wash and dry your quilt on a low or medium setting for the life of the quilt.

If you prefer to supply the batting for your quilt, please include it when completing the order form.

Our Process

These are some of the steps that we complete in the quilt creation process for each customer.

  • Deconstruct the items you will include in the quilt
  • Stabilize the stretchy materials
  • Cut items into the final block sizes use to complete the quilt
  • Piece the quilt into a final quilt top
  • Prepare the fabric that will be used in the quilt backing
  • Add an edge to edge decorative quilt stitching to the final quilt sandwich
  • Label the Quilt
  • Bind the Quilt

See our blog and YouTube videos links in the Blog section of the website for additional details about completing a memory or t-shirt quilt.

Always remember that you are welcome to call us here at Pink Heart Quilting & Embroidery with any questions you have about the design of your quilt as you complete the intake form.

Once the Order Form is completed, allow four weeks for completion of the quilt. When the quilt is finished, we will email you pictures of your quilt along with a final invoice. Once payment is submitted, we will ship the quilt to your address.

Contact Us

Contact Kit by email or phone to discuss the specific design that you would like created. She will help you to capture the desired sentiment for the quilt or the chosen memories of a loved one. And, you can check out our FAQ page here.